You may get ready to buy this stock rallying from the price-extreme low.


1) Its industry is just now turning up after a prolonged weakness (2) with acceleration.

3) TEJASNET is rallying today as it did yesterday and (4) the rally started from the 52-week low.

5) All the six peer stocks are up today (as of ~9:40 AM IST).

6) Undervalued stock.

7) Weekly Backdrop is bullish and (8) so is daily Traffic color.

9 and 10) You may watch to see if TEJASNET can break above the weekly and daily Memory auto-smart resistance trendlines before buying.

tejs 1 2019-11-20_9-44-30.jpg  tejs 2 2019-11-20_9-42-56.jpg  tejs 3 2019-11-20_9-47-23.jpg 
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1) Yesterday, when I shared the idea on $TEJAS, I had taken a long position using the real-time Fine Tune/Precise Entry chart where I used the intraday zero-lag pivot levels to buy the stock.

Yesterday the stock closed with a upper-circuit limit hit.

2) Today the stock went up at the open. My risk-amount was covered and with discipline, I booked a partial profit. I have put a trailing stop in a way that the entire trade is almost guaranteed risk-free from now onwards.

tejs 1 2019-11-21_9-36-16.jpg 
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