You can find a buying opportunity by combining CUE signals and scans.

And you may find such an opportunity in non-fancy industries.

i.e., you don't always have to use the readymade CUE trade setups.

Sometimes you may look for low-priced stocks that are moving up with substantial Activity. If you ran CUE scans for that yesterday, you would find ACCO.

ACCO hit Memory support day before yesterday. Yesterday it went up with Heavy Activity, and today it went up further. 

The industry is strong and accelerating. Fundamentals are great.

You may watch for the stock to break above the weekly and daily Memory trendline resistance lines. 

4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg  5 0 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg  6 0 Technical.jpg 
I started watching $ACCO for a breakout above the weekly and daily Memory resistance lines. That was seven days ago.

The weekly Memory is not broken yet (1). 

The CUE thing to do is to scratch the trade idea or patiently wait for a breakout.

I am removing it from my daily watch for now. Moving on to other stocks that are moving and giving a CUE setup.

6 0 Technical.jpg 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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