Will you consider shorting this Indian bank which is at Pendulum high?

$HDFC (HDFC.NS), India.

1) The stock was steadily going down and today at open it went up a bit.

2) Overvalued.

3) Weekly Backdrop color is bearish. The shape is also bearish (with upper tail).

4) The daily is having a lower high and lower low. It tried to recover and stopped right at the Memory resistance. 

5) Yesterday it gave a bearish (magenta) Flow color in daily - confirming a possible Go With Flow trend following short setup.

6) Today it tried to go up at the open - hitting the same Memory resistance. 

7) The price is at Pendulum/Extreme High. Which gives the best reward shorting opportunities when a proper set up exists.

You could try to short it using Fine Tune real-time chart today for a very low-risk precise entry.

Memories are helpful in making profitable trading decisions - you probably have figured that out already. Haven't you?

h 1 2020-02-14_9-39-56.jpg  h 2 2020-02-14_9-34-42.jpg 
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Did you pay heed to my $HDFC analysis? Those who did (or used CUE systems themselves to identify the trade) did well.

1) I took a short in HDFC when I shared the idea using put options (shorting a stock and holding is not allowed in the Indian market, making options the only low-risk instrument to short, though simple put is not usually the optimal shorting instrument in the USA market).

2) That option hit 100% profit today. Following the CUE guideline, I closed half of the position to get my money back. Now I can continue to hold the remaining position at no risk and try to let profit run. I intend to make sure the remaining position also exits with profit, even if the stock reverses.

The secondchart is of Bank Nifty - which was also rolling over along with HDFC.

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h 2 2020-02-17_14-27-16.jpg 
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