Will you buy this stock in the Office REITs industry today?


0) I found it from today's CUE INSIGHT - Best Performing High Growth Stocks list.

1) The industry is one of the strongest relative to others and (2) it is also up significantly today.

3) The stock is up by more than 13% as of ~3:30 PM EST.

4) Most of the stocks in the peer-group are also up.

5) Undervalued with (6) positive quarterly as well as (7) annual earnings growth.

8) Weekly displayed a Bull Release signal and the weekly candle shape is bullish.

9) Weekly Bullish Pressure & Bullish U-Turn.

10) A "W" pattern in the daily.

11) Bullish Flow (cyan) and bullish shape candle.

12) Bullish Pressure in daily.

13) Coming out of Price Extreme Low.

And, the stock pays a dividend of more than 7%.

v 0 2020-04-07_15-46-56.jpg  v 1 2020-04-07_15-41-45.jpg  v 2 2020-04-07_15-42-09.jpg  v 3 2020-04-07_15-42-27.jpg  v 5 2020-04-07_15-43-23.jpg 
Did you buy $VNO based on the CUE 360 analysis I shared two days ago? 

It is up by more than 15% in two days.

If you used the CUE systems yourself, probably your profit is even more by now. Because you would know about the trade well before you read it from my forum post here.

1) I could enter the trade right when the daily Flow color turned bullish and using the complete 360 analysis.

2) In two days, the trade has given more than 15% profit. The market ETFs are giving contradicting signals as of 11:30 AM EST. QQQ is down. SPY, DIA, IWM are up.

3) In the Fine Tune chart (10-minute interval), the price is above Early Range High. There may not be any reason to exit the trade in a hurry. I would prefer to watch the stock and book profit only if the stock reverses. At the same time, making sure that if it reverses down, I close the trade with a profit. 

v 2020-04-09_11-30-01.jpg 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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