Will this Healthcare Technology stock break above the weekly Memory trendline?


1) Industry became stronger.

2) Steady price appreciation over the last ten days.

3) Undervalued with (4) short squeeze potential.

5) Weekly Headwind caught the very bottom - very nicely.

6) Weekly is near Memory resistance.  (7) If that breaks, it may try to test the next Watermark pivot resistance.

8) Daily broke above Watermark pivot resistance on the previous candle (17th Jan). 

9) There is a nearby Daily Memory resistance as well. Will that break?

If the stock breaks above the Memory resistances, that will show the bullish strength of the stock.

t 1 2020-01-21_12-26-33.jpg  t 2 2020-01-21_12-23-11.jpg  t 3 2020-01-21_12-22-43.jpg 

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