Sagar Nandi

It is already down significantly, in clear downtrend. And today it seems to be breaking below Memory support.

Valuation is in the middle. EPS Growth is weak in recent quarters. The industry is weaker than it used to be.

The chart is breaking below Memory support as of 3:20 PM EST.

For some CUE traders, it may be overextended. One may be cautious if thinking of shorting it. JD came on the "Breakout" sonar scan today.

JD chart 2018-08-30_15-23-40.jpg  jd edge 2018-08-30_15-21-10.jpg  JD vital 2018-08-30_15-20-12.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
Some interesting trade setup and its result on the JD possible short trade shared on 30th Aug. This options structure is often traded by one of the accomplished traders I have come to know, Dr. Jeffrey. This bearish trade could be taken by stocks, simple put options or Dr. Jeffrey's options structure. Here is an example using Dr. Jeffrey's options structure. You may analyze the PnL and reward-risk ratio to compare the result and trading psychology/relief that may be provided by this structure vis-a-vis simple put or short stock position.

Like any options structure, this structure is also best applied to stocks where options bid-ask spread is narrow.

All snaps as of midday EST 5th Sep.

JD chart 2018-09-05_12-04-12.jpg  JD Pnl 2018-09-05_11-56-45.jpg 

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