Will Centene ($CNC) give a trend following long opportunity today?

For that, the daily Flow color is to be cyan. That is not true yet as of 12:50 PM EST. You may keep an eye on it.

1) Its industry is improving.

2) All peer stocks are up today.

3) Undervalued stock with (4) earnings growth as well as (5) revenue growth.

6) In the weekly, bullish Headwind reversal signal beautifully caught the bottom (once again!).

7) This week's candle Backdrop is bullish in color and shape.

8) Daily is recovering after a pullback. It may recover the white Direction line with a bullish Flow color if it goes up a little bit more today.

cnc 1 2019-11-07_12-50-39.jpg  cnc 2 2019-11-07_12-51-04.jpg  cnc 3 2019-11-07_12-53-09.jpg 
A little bit early entry based on robust analysis often leads to profit-taking before others.

1) Yesterday, when I shared the CNC post, it was at ~52.5.

2) Today it went up enough to cover the risk distance. It is time to either book profit or to monitor the stock to make sure you take some money off the table. There is no reason whatsoever to turn a profitable swing trade into a losing trade - especially one that has covered the risk amount.

Where was stop? It was just below the recent swing low - just below yesterday's low in this case.

cnc 1 2019-11-08_9-43-47.jpg 
Watermark pivots may be used as profit-taking points, as it is true for $CNC.

Even if you did not take an early (intraday) entry in CNC, you could still exit the swing trade with a good profit today.

1) I suggested the long trade on 7th Nov.

2) Today on 15th Nov it went up and hit the Watermark pivot resistance. That could be your initial profit target. By then more than the risk taken in the trade was covered.

cnc 1 2019-11-15_21-58-01.jpg 
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