Will $ABBV break the weekly Memory resistance?

Is it looking like a cup-and-handle in the weekly?

Daily had a gap up open today. If the Memory is broken in the daily, that will confirm the bullishness.

The stock pays a nice dividend yield and is undervalued. It has earnings growth as well.

a 1 2020-02-07_10-11-48.jpg  a 2 2020-02-07_10-10-51.jpg 
Another successful (a.k.a. profitable) CUE 360 trade that I shared in my forum before knowing the result.


1) It indeed broke above the weekly Memory resistance.

2) The gap up in the daily was strong enough (and valuation was good enough) to propel the stock higher. The initial stop would be just below the daily gap-up candle. That stop was never touched/approached.

In the daily, it has already generated significant profit, and CUE traders will make sure that the trade ends as a profitable trade.

a 1 2020-02-12_14-23-03.jpg 
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