When 99% of industries are down, how could you buy the 1% up industry - one day ago?

1) Today, a day when 99% of all the industries are down at 10:10 AM EST may not be right for your long trades. (the number may change while I am posting this - and CUE Edge shows that in real-time, helping you trade based on objective and timely analysis).

Except if you bought into that 1% (only one, really) industry that is up. And if you bought that yesterday. Did, or could you? I did.

2) Did you check out my tweet on $GOLD yesterday? Yes. Its industry (Gold Mining) is up today. That is the only industry that is up today as fo 10:10 AM EST.

3) I suggested it as a long Breakout trade yesterday.

4) Today the stock is up by more than 3.3%, and it regained the yellow Direction line.

5) Gold is the strongest industry today.

6) The stock has high earnings growth - that allows CUE traders to buy it.

Yes. I probably bought the stock yesterday when I tweeted about it.

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The $GOLD long trade idea that I tweeted two days ago has given a 50%+ profit in two trading days using Call Options.

Could you identify/trade it in time using your trading system?

1) I shared it as a Breakout long trade two days ago. I took a long position using Call Options at that time.

2) Since then, the price has gone up for two successive days.

3) By now, the Call Options has more than 50% profit. I will make sure to book some profit in this trade.

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