This is a matter of personal preference and may vary from investor to investor.

Below is a summary of how many CUE traders use the system when they start.

For Long Term Investment (spanning several months to years): Be Long or Short, we are looking for indices/stocks that are too high or low relative to their usual price ranges.
CUE traders create this list by running Pendulum Low/High Explorer on the broader list they have. 
The broader list may be of Liquid Stocks/Indices on your exchange of trading.
Once this list is ready, you may look for useful relevant information using Xenith or other similar tools you may have. Some of our investors do not look at Xenith as they are pure technical traders. Some others use Xenith. It is a personal preference.
If the shortlist created above is not very large, you may simply browse through the indices/stocks in that list using At A Glance on a Daily basis to anticipate when an entry opportunity is about to come following CUE Entry Rules as documented in the manual or using your improvised rules. 
If the shortlist is large, or you are not having time in a busy period, it may not be practical to go through the list using At A Glance.  Then you may run the Explorers (Go With Flow, Headwind, Bounce, Stretch Extreme etc.) to see if you have an entry signal and trade accordingly.
For Swing Trade (usually few days to few weeks most): if your instrument list is small, again, you may simply browse through the stocks etc. Daily using At A Glance (and use Decision Template if you need additional information from Stretch Release etc.) to anticipate when entry chances are approaching. 
Else, if the list is larger, it may be essential to use Explorers to quickly find suitable entry opportunities.
Many of our traders first run the Go With Flow, Headwind, Bounce and Box Explorers on a Daily basis to see if attractive entry opportunities are there - an opportunity is only identified if At A Glance and CUE Trading Rule Checklist (or improvised rule checklist) is satisfied.

In that case, they don't use other Explorers anymore.
If no opportunity is apparent from the above three Explorers, the trader may investigate further using other explorers (like Stretch Release, Beyond Boundary etc. to anticipate/find trading opportunity).
This is also a matter of style. Some traders only like Trend Following trades and they may only run Go With Flow. Some others may only look for extreme reversal trades using Stretch Release with High Activity Explorer.
For Day Trade: You may be ready with potential Long/Short entry based on Explorers you have run (Go With Flow, Headwind etc.) on the stocks at end of previous market day. 
Or you may prepare this list based on real time movement (e.g. best-performing stock in your stock universe soon after market open) - as you can find from Xenith or other similar tools in real time. 
Then you simply plot the stock/indices using Fine Tune and trade it when a suitable entry opportunity (Early Range Breakout, Gap or Stretch Release or other improvised entries) arises.
What We Need from Entry to Exit for Long Term, Swing, and Day Trades

Attached slides in pdf provide a series of steps that many CUE traders follow in their daily trading and investments.

As you get more used to the CUE System, you may improvise in a way that suits your style more and more.
Superior Profit Team.
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