What is there not to like in this stock?


You could find it using the CUE Sonar scan program (here I used CUE Elite on Tradestation).

A) SLG had a gap-up open.

B) It is giving a Breakout Long setup.

C) And also a possible Go With Flow trend-following setup.

D) It is at Price Extreme (Pendulum) Low.

Now on to the CUE charts.

1) Weekly is creating a False Downside Breakout.

2) Backdrop color turned bullish today.

3, 4) Thrust and Jump made much shallower lows while the stock made a double bottom in the weekly - showing possible divergence. Once Thrust/Jump becomes oversold (red-dots come up), I may start to look for a buy setup. That setup came today.

5, 6) OBV made an extreme low. Not seen any other time on the chart period displayed. Yet, price did not fall and this week the stock is starting to go up. That may show exhaustion of bears. That weekly Pressure and U-Turn turned bullish today (first trading day of the week) may also point to exhaustion of bears and bulls gaining control.

7, 8) Daily displayed successive bullish Headwind - that could magically capture the exact lows.

9) Daily is also creating a False Downside Breakout.

10) It is breaking out of Memory resistance. I like to take Breakouts when the market is breaking out - as it seems to do today.

11) Flow color turned bullish.

What about fundamentals (from CUE Vital)?

12) Undervalued stock with (13) positive earnings growth plus (14) an excellent dividend yield.

Industry (from CUE Edge)?

15) Just today the industry seems to be turning around - seen in real-time (everything is real-time in CUE systems).

16) And it is accelerating as well.

Risk (stop-loss) is narrow.

What is there not to like in this stock?

6 0 radar.jpg  2 0 industry scorecard.jpg  3 0 fundamental.jpg  4 0 technical.jpg 
"What is there not to like in this stock?" - I asked yesterday in my live forum post on $SLG.

And I booked a 100%+ profit today.

1) I had shared SLG as a Breakout long candidate with great fundamental and industry strength. I had bought monthly call options at that time.

2) What happened today? SLG gapped up at the open.

3) My call options were at more than 100% profit in one day and I decided to close enough lots to get my money back.

Are you able to trade with such precision and unambiguity and profit from the market like that? Why not?

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