Here is the known reason for the message:

Every Refinitiv/Xenith user has a max limit on the number of "items" one can access at a time across all services. All services mean Edge/Vital/Index etc. and also Refinitiv Xenith (if that is open with data items being loaded).

If too many symbols, etc. are accessed and multiple data items on each symbol are accessed, then this message comes. This is due to user-limit at Refinitiv (Xenith) level.

How to avoid the message:

To avoid the error one may limit the number of symbols being looked up at the same time. For example, run CUE Edge in real-time with 5-min data refresh frequency. And run CUE Vital and Index with root-stock or index code only when required. And not load many symbols in Xenith (Monitor, for example) while running CUE Edge/Vital/Index. If you do that, it is unlikely that your Refinitiv item limit will be exceeded.

If you still keep getting the message. you may restart your computer, then open one program (CUE Edge/Vital/Index) at a time and see when the limit is reached.

That will help you decide how to run the programs together and how many symbols to load at the same time.

Let me know if you are facing further issues with the message and we may investigate together for your specific case on a web-meeting.

Sagar Nandi
CUE Elite
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