Sagar Nandi
What does a trader do when the same stock appears in CUE Dashboard in three different categories on the same day?

The trader looks into it a bit more! What else could she do?

Here is the CUE 360 degrees analysis of the stock. TGBB in India market. If you did not know of the company, here is their website:

The stock has an optimal valuation. The industry is steady. The charts have signaled to let one consider a buy. One may wait for the daily chart trendline resistance to be broken. That would be CUE way.

tgbb dash1 2018-07-17_13-09-43.png  tgbb dash2 2018-07-17_13-09-43.png  tgbb dash3 2018-07-17_13-09-43.png  tgbb industry 2018-07-17_13-14-56.png  tgbb vital 2018-07-17_13-13-59.png  tgbb w line chart 2018-07-17_13-20-49.png  tgbb w-d-d charts 2018-07-17_13-20-04.png 
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