Watch out for WIX closing below the Memory support line.

If the $WIM memory support breaks, long position holders may be cautious. It is not a fundamentally weak stock, and its industry is also not weak. Therefore, it will not qualify for a 360 short setup even if the Memory breaks though it will give a technical breakout short trade setup.

All the snapshots are from around (EST): 10:20 AM.

As the price may move up or down during the day, you may confirm a swing trade setup at or near market close.

wix edge 2019-07-15_10-18-39.jpg  wix funda 2019-07-15_10-21-51.jpg  wix tech 2019-07-15_10-12-36.jpg 
Yesterday I warned about $WIX falling below Memory support trend line. Today on 16th July as of ~10 AM EST, it is indeed below the daily Memory line.

wix 2019-07-16_9-54-55.jpg 
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