Sagar Nandi
After you install CUE Elite, depending on your computer screen's resolution, sometimes the indicators may appear too big or too small. This is particularly true for indicators that are plotted as dots, crosses, histograms etc.

In CUE Elite there are several such indicators that fall into such category like Headwind, Stretch Release, Movement, the band series of indicators (Band-Stretch, Band-Volatility etc.), Squeeze, etc.
To make it easier to set the sizes of these indicators for all the various CUE chart templates, we have devised a unique and simple mechanism. This mechanism will set the appropriate size for the indicators in a single step. You may follow the instructions below for that.

a) Open any chart and apply the study group "CUE Entry" on that chart. If all the components of CUE Elite are installed properly, you may use the hot-keys Ctrl-Shift-A to apply this template.

b) Right-click on the chart and choose "Studies" and then "Edit Studies".

Edit Studies.jpg    

c) Highlight the study "CUE Global Setting" and click "Customize" button.

Customize study.jpg 

d) Now, customize the width of the various indicators and click OK. Each value must be in a range of 0 to 6.

Note: If you set any value to -1 then CUE Elite will not apply size to that indicator. If you do that, the size may appear too small or too big in the beginning.

You may set the size (s) that manually on your CUE chart(s) to make them of appropriate size.

This is a beautiful engineering design that we think you will not need unless you are using multiple monitors linked to the same computer with different resolutions. Only in that situation, as we can think of, you will need to set the value(s) to -1 and then apply the width manually on your CUE charts running on different monitors with very different resolutions. 

Customize CUE Global Setting.jpg 

e) Now, click on the "Save Study Group" button and overwrite the study group "CUE Entry".

Overwrite CUE Entry study group.jpg 
f) Once you have followed the above steps, you can apply any CUE chart template on a chart and they will display with the revised width.

Note: You may refresh a chart in TradeStation by pressing Ctrl-R. 
Note: You may apply the CUE chart templates by clicking their associated hot-keys as mentioned in a separate FAQ article.

f) Here are two sample settings for two different screen resolutions. Depending on your screen resolution you may adjust the values. Remember to keep the values between 0-6 only.

CUE Global Setting - Laptop (Resolution 3840x2160).jpg 

CUE Global Setting - Desktop (Resolution 1920x1080).jpg

Happy viewing of CUE charts on the monitors of different resolutions!
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