US Steel ($X) may be breaking out from a low level.

1) The steel industry is strengthening after prolonged weakness.

2) US Steel (X) is steadily moving up over 1 to 10 days.

3) Today most of its peers are also up showing industry-wide bullishness.

4) Undervalued stock with (5) short squeeze potential.

6) Note the earnings due on 31st Oct.

7) Breaking out of weekly with bullish Backdrop and also (8) breaking out of daily with bullish Traffic Light color (as of 11 AM EST).

9) X is breakout out from the price extreme (Pendulum) low.

x 1 2019-10-25_11-02-50.jpg  x 2 2019-10-25_11-01-17.jpg  x 3 2019-10-25_11-00-45.jpg 
1) I had taken a long position in $X when I shared the post on Friday.

2) Today on 28th Oct Monday X went up by more than 6%. My X long option position (X 15th Nov 12 Call) had more than 50% profit in one day and I booked partial profit to make the trade guaranteed risk-free from now.

Why did I book profit even though the market is making a new all-time high? The reason is what I shared on twitter ( - the market breadth is not as strong as I would expect and SPY is staying within Early Range as of ~1 PM EST.

And, a 50% profit in one day is a good profit percentage to take some money off the table.

x 1 2019-10-28_12-59-09.jpg 


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