Undervalued stock up by more than 14% on huge volume.


I found it using CUE Edge INSIGHT as the very best performing undervalued stock today. CUE INSIGHT makes finding trading opportunities easier. As this example once again shows.

It also has a short squeeze potential.

Its industry is strong today.

Weekly has a breakout out of a Triangle pattern. Daily is coming up from support Memory.

There is a Memory resistance nearby. Will you consider buying the stock despite that? Or wait?

2 2 Insight.jpg  4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg  5 0 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg  6 0 Technical.jpg 
$GTX has hit the initial profit target in two trading days.

1) I suggested the buy idea two days ago.

2) Today it hit the Memory resistance, which was the initial profit target.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
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