Sagar Nandi
Running CUE Sonar, you could find out Stocks that are Pendulum Low and are starting to go up.

We ran this CUE Sonar on an extensive list of Liquid Stocks in the India Market.

The result was mere eight Stocks. A lot of workloads was taken off by CUE Sonar.

NIFP Sonar 2018-01-08_12-18-12.jpg 
The Stocks' Bullishness could be confirmed using CUE Charts. And this step gave us few Candidate Stocks. Nitin Fire Protection (NIFP.NS) was one of them. CUE Backdrop Chart was Bullish.

NIFP BK 2018-01-08_12-22-14.jpg 

We seamlessly transferred the eight Stocks to CUE Vital to identify the Fundamentally Strong Stocks.

As they were at Pendulum Low, we looked for Optimal Value Stocks. How many did we find? Two only. Nitin Fire was one of them.

We carried out a Peer Analysis on Nitin Fire (among its 54 Peers). Within seconds we found that in fact, it had the Best Relative Valuation Score among its Peers.

CUE Vital also showed (in a panel not shown here) that Nitin Fire is going up with high "Pressure" relative to its Peers. It is among the top four of the Stocks along this factor.

NIFP Vital 2018-01-08_12-30-23.jpg 
Lastly, we looked up Nitin Fire's Industry. It was weak. But Accelerated over the Primary 5 Days Period. That showed the Industry was strengthening.

NIFP Edge 2018-01-08_12-27-39.jpg 

From all the angles Nitin Fire seems to be a Stock worth watching.

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