Sagar Nandi
Trend following long setup that is accompanied by a breakout and squeeze.


THO is showing a Go With Flow trend following long setup that is also accompanied by a Breakout of Memory resistance and a Squeeze Release. 

All the snapshots are taken around 10 AM EST on Tuesday 12th Feb 2019. Numbering in the text below follows the marking on the pictures.

IMPORTANT: Price may move up or down during the day. CUE swing trade setups are to be confirmed at market close.

CUE Technical Analysis

Weekly Backdrop chart template.

1) Weekly Backdrop candle color is bullish, cyan. That allows a trend following long trade in the daily chart.

Daily Entry chart template.

2) Daily displayed a cyan Flow candle, that is the signal for a trend following swing long trade. The stock is also breaking out of Memory trendline resistance after creating a higher low.

3) The stop is narrow, just below the Memory support line.

4) The stock is also going out of Squeeze, as shown by the green dot in Squeeze band indicator, representing Squeeze Release.

THO chart 2019-02-12_9-59-18.png 
CUE Edge Industry Rotation Analysis

5) THO's industry, Automobile Manufacturers, is one of the strongest industries today, shown by cyan score over 1-day. It was weak earlier and is strengthening now.

6) The industry is Accelerating as shown by cyan Pace scores across 1-day, 2-days, and 5-days.

THO Edge 2019-02-12_10-02-26.png 
CUE Vital Fundamental and Peer Analysis

7) The stock is medium valued, shown by the yellow color Valuation score.

8) Last quarterly earnings growth was negative.

9) Last yearly earnings growth is still positive.

10) Today THO is the biggest mover in its industry, as of this post time (~10 AM EST) the stock was up by more than 4%.

11) Next earning is due on 6th March. You may consider taking a long and exiting the trade before earning.

THO Vital 2019-02-12_10-00-04.png 
CUE 360° analysis outcome

Fundamentally, THO is mixed both in terms of valuation and earnings growth. The stock is a big mover today and is breaking out of Memory resistance with a Go With Flow long setup. The industry is accelerating. This may be a low-risk buying opportunity in the stock. You could try to book profit before the next earning date.
Sagar Nandi
1) I shared the THO bullish idea on 12th Feb.

2) After a few days, the price came to the Upper Boundary initial profit target level but did not hit it. You would probably stay in the trade and did not have a chance to exit the trade with profit.

3) If you did not exit the swing long trade already, you would exit it on 5th March, the day before earning was due, with a small loss. In CUE technique guideline is not to hold stock swing trade positions across earnings. 

tho 2019-03-16_9-48-18.png 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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