Sagar Nandi
Trend following long after a downtrend.


XPER has the first possible Go With Flow trend following long setup after an extended downtrend. XPER had a gap Up and then pull back, and today the GWF long setup is confirmed as of 3 PM EST. Price is also closing above Very Slow Direction line (white line).

The industry is strong after a long weakness period. The stock is optimally valued with high earnings growth in recent quarters and a short squeeze potential.

xper chart 2018-12-26_14-59-53.jpg  xper edge 2018-12-26_14-59-33.jpg  xper vital 2018-12-26_14-59-13.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
XPER position was in a small profit as of morning session 2nd Jan. 

The USA market is volatile and several global markets dropped today including that of Australia, Hong Kong, China, India. 

The stock had neither hit profit target or stop level. 

I made a discretionary exit of my position with a small profit. 

XPER exit chart 2019-01-02_12-20-37.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
XPER has hit initial profit target if one held on to it till Friday 11th Jan 2019.

Xper update 2019-01-14_7-06-29.jpg 

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