Sagar Nandi
Top-Down Analysis in the India Market using CUE Scorecard.

Today I was trying to use CUE Scorecard Drill-Down Analysis to find Low-Risk trading opportunities in the India Market.

At Sector level, Scorecard Heat-Map showed that Telecomm was weak (magenta) and is strengthening in recent periods (turning cyan).

The changing Heat-Map color would catch your attention instantly!

I drilled down to Industry level and found Integrated Telecommunication Services Industry turning up from weakness (again, the Heat-Map immediately alerted you!).

The last step on Scorecard was to check which Stocks in this Industry were moving. The Performance analytics showed two Stocks. Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HMFC) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL).

We would not buy a Stock without ensuring if it was at a Low-Risk Buy Point. You could ascertain that using CUE Charts in seconds, as I did.

The charts of HMFC and MTNL looks promising. Doesn't it?

There you go. Two Stocks that you could identify in minutes and without ambiguity using extremely robust Top-Down Analysis. Two Stocks where Sector/Industry, as well as Stock level forces, are favoring a potential Long Trade.

Using CUE Scorecard and CUE Charts, you can carry out such routines every day in minutes and trade confidently and profitably.

Try out CUE Scorecard from our site; it is complimentary for June 2018 to all traders and investors. 

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