Sagar Nandi
LPI is today's best-performing stock in the best-performing industry as seen from real-time CUE Edge.

LPI is in the Energy sector.

Its fundamentals are strong (value stock with earnings growth). Its industry is the best performing industry as of ~2 PM EST.

The stock is the best performer in its industry. Up by 14.4% as of now.

The weekly chart has displayed the Bullish Headwind signal. Daily is completing a false downside breakout. The stop is just below today's low - a narrow stop with potentially high profit if oil/energy stocks/LPI continues to go up.

Could it be a turn-around buy opportunity?

LPI Chart 2018-12-03_14-01-26.jpg  LPI Edge 2018-12-03_13-59-37.jpg  LPI Vital 2018-12-03_14-00-18.jpg 

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