Tires company is regaining the white direction line with the daily bullish Flow.

0) The previous swing peak was associated with earnings. Then it pulled back to make a higher low and is going up again.


1) GT's industry is stronger today.

2) Undervalued stock.

3) Short squeeze potential.

5) Weekly Backdrop is bullish (cyan).

6) Daily Flow is bullish (cyan) and it regained the white very slow Direction line.

gt 1 2019-11-05_10-05-14.jpg  gt 2 2019-11-05_10-04-35.jpg  gt 3 2019-11-05_10-02-45.jpg 
Here is how you could manage any $GT position that you might have taken on 5th Nov.

1) I shared the possible long idea on GT on 5th Nov at 10 AM EST. That day ended with an upper tail candle. Following my guideline, you would stay away from taking any long trade on that day.

2) In case you took the long trade without waiting for the end-of-the-day confirmation, how will you manage the trade now? One way will be to close the trade with a small loss if the stock closes below the Memory support line and yellow Direction line in the daily chart.
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