Time for some movies and entertainment?


1) The Movies & Entertainment industry strengthened today as you can see in the real-time industry-rotation heatmap.

2) Undervalued stock.

3) The next earning is nearby.

4) Weekly Backdrop color turned bullish.

5) Daily is breaking out of Memory trendline resistance after forming the "W" pattern (with higher high and higher low).

6) Daily Flow candle color turned bullish.

7) Extreme Bullish Pressure.

Your kind of 360 set up?

m 1 2020-02-13_12-09-30.jpg  m 2 2020-02-13_12-09-51.jpg  m 3 2020-02-13_12-09-03.jpg 
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Was $MCS idea that I shared a few days ago your kind of setup? 

It was mine. 

And this is how I booked profit in four trading days following a disciplined approach.

A, B, C) I tend to mark my entry, stop, and profit target on the daily chart as soon as I enter the trade. 

1) I had entered the trade when I shared the idea on my trader's forum.

2) Today, the initial profit target was hit, and my GTC profit target order was executed automatically, soon after the market open. It was a good idea to book at least a partial profit as a Memory resistance trendline is near the current price.

m 1 2020-02-20_9-33-15.jpg 

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