Sagar Nandi
The three Stocks are AKS, BIIB, and BTI. I identified them using CUE Sonar and then checked out their Industry and Fundamentals from CUE Edge and CUE Vital.

AKS has a Go With Flow Trend Following Long Setup.

BIIB has a Box Long Setup with False Downside Breakout and also a Memory Resistance Breakout upward.

BTI has a Box Long Setup.

You may look for entry today as well; using CUE Fine Tune Real-Time Chart for a precise low-risk entry.

They have Fundamentals, Technicals and Industry Strenght going for them.

Attached charts are as of 26th April soon after Market Open ~19:40 AM EST.

AKS Go With Flow Long.jpg  BIIB Box Long Setup with Breakout.jpg  BTI Box Long.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
Here are the Vital Fundamentals and Edge Industry Rotation Scores for the three Stocks (as of 26th April 11 AM EST).

3 Stocks Fundamentals.jpg  3 Stocks Industry Rotation.jpg 

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