Sagar Nandi
This value stock is going up from an extremely low price level.

$VSTO is in the Consumer Discretionary sector.

360 Analysis Summary: VSTO is a value stock in a strengthening industry. If it goes above the Memory Resistance line, that may allow buying a value stock at a very low price level.

All the snapshots are from around 2:10 PM EST on 24th Apr 2019.

Numbering in the text below follows the marking on the pictures.

IMPORTANT: As the price may move up or down during the day, you may confirm a swing trade setup at or near market close.

1) The Consumer Discretionary sector is the best performing sector as seen from CUE Edge Sector Scorecard and VSTO's industry, Leisure Products, is one of the best performing industries. The heat-map shows that the industry is turning around from weakness to strength.

2) The stock has an optimal valuation.

3) Earning is on 9th May. Your strategy/choice of instrument may take that into account.

4) VSTO has a short squeeze potential.

5) The stock is up by 3.5% today.

6) Since displaying Bullish Headwind reversal signal in the weekly chart, the price is going up.

7) Backdrop candle color is bullish (cyan), and the candle shape is also bullish.

8) Daily has displayed a Bullish Flow color (cyan) candle.

9) Relative Performance shows it is outperforming the market.

10) If the stock can go above the Memory Resistance Trendline then it may be the beginning of an uptrend.

11) That uptrend will start from a very low price level (Price Extreme Low in CUE charts).

vsto edge 2019-04-24_14-10-17.jpg  vsto funda 2019-04-24_14-08-16.jpg  vsto tech 2019-04-24_14-11-27.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
1) I shared the bullish idea on VSTO 12 days ago on 24th Apr. That was a CUE Go With Flow trend following long setup.

2) The stop would be just below recent low - that made for a low-risk trade.

3) By today, 6th May, the stock has gone up enough to cover the risk-distance, and partial profit could be booked.

a) If you are following the forum posts, you will notice that I first started tracking the stock on 4th March and shared it in a separate forum post. You can see that post here.

On 4th Mar, the stock did not close with a trade setup.

I continued to follow it and took the trade when the GWF setup was confirmed on 24th Apr. These two posts illustrate the discipline in trading. Starting to track a stock using CUE 360 analysis and taking the trade with confidence when all the signals were aligned — and booking profit also with discipline, at least partial profit.

vsto followup 2019-05-06_15-16-53.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
1) On Apr 24th I suggested a long trade in VSTO in this post chain.

2) On May 6th I suggested exiting the trade with profit - that was also just before earnings, which was a reason to exit the long swing trade.

3) Today, 9th May, the stock initially opened with a gap down after earnings result before open but recovered nicely. It is up by more than 5% as of 3:40 PM EST.

It is giving a Go With Flow trend following setup again today. The stock is a value stock.

vsto chart2 2019-05-09_15-37-55.png 
Sagar Nandi
1) I suggested entering long (again) in VSTO yesterday on 9th May. I shared that post/tweet just before the market close.

2) Today, as of 10:30 AM EST, VSTO is up by 11.8%. Following CUE guideline one would book at least partial profit and make sure the trade is a guaranteed risk-free trade from now onward.

vsto 2 chart exit 2019-05-10_10-37-17.png 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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