This undervalued stock is going to be included in the S&P 600 small-cap.

Its industry is strong and accelerating.

Undervalued with a nice dividend. Earning is today AMC. CUE guideline is not to take a new stock position just before earnings for short-term trading.

Plenty of bullish signals in CUE At A Glance weekly-daily charts. 

The weekly and daily Headwinds could precisely catch the respective lows, once again.
Did you notice it when I mentioned that $DLX was going to be included in S&P600? The Long Call is up by 200%. The Short Put is up by 40%.

1) I shared that two days ago. And at that time, it gave a CUE Breakout buy setup at Pendulum/Price Extreme Low with Bullish Pressure.

2) The stock went up since then.

3) If you took a Call option as I did, you would be in profit by more than 200% by today - in two days. 
If you shorted the Put at the same time (yes, you guessed it - I did that), that Put is also in a profit of more than 40%. Time to book at least a partial profit?

Could you trade it? Did you?

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