This undervalued healthcare stock is breaking out today.


All snapshots as of ~1:20 PM IST.

1) The industry strengthened today and is (2) showing acceleration.

3) The stock is up 6%.

4) All four peer stocks are up today.

5) Aster DM is undervalued. Peer comparison shows this is the only undervalued stock in its industry and this stock is up by the biggest % today among peers.

6) The weekly is going up after displaying a Doji in the previous week. It is breaking out of weekly Memory trendline resistance.

7) The bullish Headwind could (once again) catch the bottom of the stock.

8) Daily gapped up and broke out of Memory resistance with bullish Flow (cyan) color - giving a possible trend following Go With Flow as well as a gap-breakout long trade setup.

9) Price went up with bullish Pressure.

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1) I suggested buying $ASTERDM on 22nd Oct.

2) Today, on 31st Oct, the stock hit the profit target of the upper boundary, and you might book at least partial profit.

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