$CBB Short Sep 20, 5 Put.

This trade has >99.5% probability of profit and a 70% probability of hitting 50% of max profit. 

This may be a substitute for buying the stock outright.

Here is an analysis of CBB.

1) Bullish Headwind reversal signal came at the bottom.

2) Currently, price is supported by Memory smart-trendline support.

3) Gave a bullish Flow candle six days ago. You could take a long trade at that time also using the CUE GWF setup.

4) Today, as of ~1 PM EST, it is regaining the yellow Direction line with a bullish shape candle. If the price continues to go up, you may see a bullish Flow candle today or tomorrow.

5) Relative Performance is tilting up, showing it is outperforming the market.

6) Next Memory resistance is far away.

7) Today, it is already up by 7.42%.

8) Valuation is in the middle. Not overvalued. 

9) Short squeeze potential.

10) Increasing the latest quarter earnings growth.

11) Increasing the latest quarter revenue growth.

12) The industry is strong today.

cbb1 tech 2019-08-26_13-07-14.jpg  cbb2 vital 2019-08-26_13-10-06.jpg  cbb3 rotation 2019-08-26_13-13-00.jpg 
Here is a snapshot of the option PnL assuming the position was opened with the bid price. 

cbb 4 opt 2019-08-26_13-38-21.jpg 
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