This stock is up more than 20% in the morning session.

Will it remain and continue to go up?


1) Its industry strengthened a bit - however, in recent times, the oil industries often went down after trying to recover. That said, based on data, the industry improved.

2) Undervalued with (3) a short squeeze potential.

4) The next earning is on 26th Feb.

5) EXTEN made a 52-week low this week and now breaking above Memory resistance in weekly - need to see if the weekly closes above the resistance.

6) Created a false downside breakout at the weekly Watermark pivot support.

7) The weekly is displaying a bullish Headwind possible reversal signal at the double-bottom.

8) Daily also created a false downside breakout at Watermark pivot support.

9) See if it can close above Daily Memory resistance.

10) It displayed Extreme Bullish Pressure as well as U-Turn today.

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