This stock is up 7%+ while the market is down today.

As of ~11:10 AM EST.


I found it by running the CUE Breakout scan using the weekly timeframe. The stock had displayed a bullish Headwind earlier. And today it is breaking out of the Memory resistance in the weekly chart. The weekly backdrop has turned bullish (cyan).

The stock is moving up from Pendulum/Price Extreme Low and may give a low-level buying opportunity.

From the CUE stock scorecard (not shown here) I saw the stock has a short squeeze potential, though in terms of valuation or earning growth it is not strong. That may be the reason the stock fell down for a while. Will it go up now?

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Yet another of my trades that I shared on the forum has hit the initial profit target (covered the risk distance).


1) I shared the idea on 7th Feb, eight trading days ago.

2) Today it covered the risk distance and you might consider booking partial profit and put a trailing stop on the remaining position to reduce/eliminate risk. Or you could hold on to your full position, it is your choice.

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