This stock is up more than 8% after reaffirming FY 2019 forecast.

That is as per Thomson Reuters.

What about the CUE analysis?


1) The industry is weak. So if you want to buy, you will have to decide based on the stock's strength.

2) Undervalued, (3) with a short squeeze potential, and (4) revenue growth. (6) The next earning date is 17th Mar 2020.

7) The weekly displayed a Bullish Headwind earlier that very nicely foretold of the bottom. (8) And now, the Watermark pivot is providing support, and (9) the stock is trying to break above Memory trendline resistance.

10) The daily also displayed a Bullish Headwind reversal signal, and that again predicted the possible bottom.

11) Today price is going up with Extreme Bullish Pressure and (12) going up from Price Extreme/Pendulum Low. 

13) Watch for the stock to clear the daily Memory resistance. That may give an excellent breakout buying opportunity at a low price for an undervalued stock.

d 1 2020-02-19_14-13-32.jpg  d 2 2020-02-19_14-14-25.jpg  d 3 2020-02-19_14-17-36.jpg 
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