This startup electric-hydrogen truck manufacturer is up by 20%+ after receiving order for 2,500 trucks.


Its industry is strengthening.

The stock has a short squeeze potential.

The stock is up by more than 20% as of this post time. It is nicely breaking above Memory resistance. It regained the yellow and white Direction lines. Weekly Backdrop and daily Flow are both bullish.

One could buy it for the short-term. Today may also be the optimal entry point for a long-term buy on the stock, should one decide to hold the stock long-term.

1 1 Industry Graph.jpg  4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg  5 0 1 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg  6 0 Technical.jpg 
$NKLA is breaking above the high of the gap-up candle of three days ago.

That may be a breakout long opportunity for those looking to buy the stock.
My first post on $NKLA was one month ago. GM announced its stake in NKLA today. My post was ahead of the news by one month.

I tend to trade short-term trades. That does not mean I do not post about possible longer-term buys! And it could be a short-term trade also, probably.

$NKLA - is up by 37% today while the market is very much down as of 10 AM EST.

1) Notice the Bullish Headwind - how it captured the bottom.

2) Today it is breaking out of Memory trendline resistance.

3) Bullish Pressure.

4) Very High Volume by 10 AM EST.

6 1 Technical.jpg 

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