This regional bank is up by more than 12% today after earnings.


The Regional Banks industry is down today. However, it was gaining strength recently. And 5-day Pace was showing acceleration as of yesterday's market close.

Though most of the peer stocks are down, $CUBI went up by more than 12% after earnings today. It is undervalued with a short squeeze potential.

The stock is breaking out of weekly and daily Memory resistances and reversing up at the Pendulum Low.

The daily may close with a small upper tail. If so, will you consider taking a position today? Or wait for tomorrow? Or will you avoid buying the stock looking at the industry weakness today?
In the last ten minutes, $CUBI pulled back and ended the day with an upper-tail candle.

CUE guideline is not to take a long position on such a day near the close.

You may watch to see how the stock moves tomorrow and look for a low-risk entry opportunity, probably using the CUE Fine Tune chart.
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