This real estate stock in India may be another perfectly timed breakout buy opportunity.

1) The industry is strong today, and (2) it is accelerating as well.

3) SOBHA is up by more than 5.5%.

4) Most of its industry peers are also up.

5) Robust earnings quality (next earnings is due on 8th Nov).

6) Excellent earnings growth.

7) Weekly is bouncing up from Memory trendline support.

8) Daily bounced up from Memory support and is breaking Memory trendline resistance with (9) bullish Pressure.

How did I identify this opportunity? I got it from the list of stocks in the INSIGHT category 'the best performing growth stocks' - the insights are calculated in real-time, letting you identify opportunities well ahead of others based on in-depth fundamental and price-performance analytics.

SOBH 1 2019-11-06_11-28-01.jpg  sobh 2 2019-11-06_11-29-00.jpg  sobh 3 2019-11-06_11-30-15.jpg  sobh 4 2019-11-06_11-32-02.jpg 
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This is how you would manage the $SOBHA (India) swing long breakout trade:

1) I shared the breakout opportunity on 6th Nov as it happened - using live data. The stop would be just below the recent low.

2) The very next day, SOBHA went up and profit was more than the risk taken in the trade. You would book profit in the swing trade (which was a reversal trade) - without waiting for the stock to keep moving up.

3) If you did not book profit with discipline, the stock would probably stop out today.

This again illustrates the logic of the swing trading technique I use - i.e. to book profit once the risk amount is covered and not let a profitable trade turn into a losing trade.

sobh 1 2019-11-13_12-42-06.jpg    
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