Sagar Nandi
India Insight: 10th Jan AMC.

1) Consumer Publishing Gained in Score and turned Bullish (cyan) in CUE Edge.

2) In CUE Vital Analysis, The Sandesh, SNDH.NS is one of the Stocks with Optimal Valuation (cyan) Score.

3) In CUE Hop On chart, after forming a Base for long time, The Sandesh broke out sharply with Heavy Activity and now pulled down a bit.
If it goes up giving a Swing Low, it may give a Low-Risk Buy Point with Trend Following Long Trade Setup.
If the Industry continues to Strengthen at that time then we may have a 360° Trade Opportunity. Industry Strength may be observed daily using CUE Edge.

CUE Sonar and/or CUE Charts can identify the exact Buy Point with the cyan color Candle for Optimal Buy Day.

SNDH Edge 2018-01-10_13-15-30.jpg  SNDH Vital 2018-01-10_13-18-35.jpg  SNDH Hop On 2018-01-10_13-20-40.jpg 
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