Sagar Nandi

Its industry is strong. The fundamentals are not that great. BHC Price performance as seen from Vital (not shown here) is looking good over 12 months to 1 week. BHC is breaking out of Memory resistance in daily.

BHC CHART 2018-08-30_11-09-59.jpg  BHC EDGE 2018-08-30_11-14-00.jpg  BHC VITAL 2018-08-30_11-13-35.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
As of 3:10 PM EST, BHC came back inside the Memory resistance. 

CUE traders would not enter the long as the breakout is probably not going to be confirmed by the close. Another 40 minutes to go but looks unlikely that the breakout will be confirmed today.

bhc 2 2018-08-30_15-12-16.jpg 

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