This energy stock is breaking out of low base after earnings.


Snapshots as of ~1 PM EST.

1) OXY's industry is weak today.

The stock bucked the industry and went up. It is (2) undervalued, (3) with positive annual earnings growth, (4) has a very nice dividend yield %, (5) robust earnings quality and (6) near a 52-week low.

(7) The weekly Backdrop is bullish, and (8) daily is breaking out of Memory resistance with upbeat Flow (cyan) candle. (9) It is going up with extreme bullish Pressure at (10) Price Extreme / Pendulum low and also (11) coming out of a Squeeze.

oxy edge 2019-08-01_13-12-08.jpg  oxy funda 2019-08-01_13-07-08.jpg  oxy tech 2019-08-01_13-10-52.jpg 
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