This diversified Indian bank could be a good buy at the close today.


1) Its industry is not strong but slightly improved today, and (2) there is slight improvement shown by acceleration (Pace) as well. 

3) Less than 10% above the 52-week low.

4) Undervalued with (5) increasing earnings growth.

6) Weekly breaking out of the Triangle pattern and Memory resistance trendline.

7) Daily may confirm a Go With Flow, trend-following, long setup by the close today.

8) High Bullish Pressure associated with the breakout.

9) Relative Performance shows it is strongly outperforming the market.

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$KTKBANK ended the day with a candle with an upper tail. You would stand aside and not buy the stock on this day following CUE guidelines. The GWF setup was not confirmed based on the unambiguous checklist.

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