This biotech shoot up above Memory resistance in a weak market.


The industry is strong. Undervalued stock with a short squeeze potential.

Broke out of a low-base with extremely high volume and Bullish Pressure.

If you took a position earlier, that is great. Right now it may be a little late (stop far away) to enter the trade.

You could try to enter it earlier at Memory support - a technique that I described in my post on WBA earlier today.

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$CTIC gave a trend-following entry opportunity after the breakout and both setups are very profitable by now. Are you able to identify similar entry setups easily?

I had shared the Breakout long idea on $CTIC on 7th July (1). You could take the trade right near the open when it broke out of Memory resistance and also opened with a gap up (1).

CTIC gave another (GWF) trend-following entry opportunity on 15th July (2).

Yesterday (20th July), CTIC went up and came near the Watermark pivot resistance (3).

My long stock position had more than a 20% profit. And if you entered it following CUE guidelines, you also had more than risk amount covered by the profit. That might be the time to book at least a partial profit and take some money off the table.

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