This biotech shoot up above Memory resistance in a weak market.


The industry is strong. Undervalued stock with a short squeeze potential.

Broke out of a low-base with extremely high volume and Bullish Pressure.

If you took a position earlier, that is great. Right now it may be a little late (stop far away) to enter the trade.

You could try to enter it earlier at Memory support - a technique that I described in my post on WBA earlier today.

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$CTIC gave a trend-following entry opportunity after the breakout and both setups are very profitable by now. Are you able to identify similar entry setups easily?

I had shared the Breakout long idea on $CTIC on 7th July (1). You could take the trade right near the open when it broke out of Memory resistance and also opened with a gap up (1).

CTIC gave another (GWF) trend-following entry opportunity on 15th July (2).

Yesterday (20th July), CTIC went up and came near the Watermark pivot resistance (3).

My long stock position had more than a 20% profit. And if you entered it following CUE guidelines, you also had more than risk amount covered by the profit. That might be the time to book at least a partial profit and take some money off the table.

6 0 Technical.jpg 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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