Sagar Nandi
India Insight:

These related Industries are changing Strength Score in unison ...

If you have an investment in the Market that is worth something to yourself, it is a good (essential!) idea to keep an eye on the Industries. 

That helps decide when to enter a Trade. When to fold it. When to be aggressive. When to stand aside for a better time.

When related Industries move together, they give even more conviction to keep Buying or to Protect Profit.

Note that one of the Industries moving opposite may lead one to hold on to an investment in that specific Industry that is already profitable. However, that may not be reason enough to make a new investment. It may be wiser to go with the force of the majority of the Industries that are related.

Thereby, you add extra edges to your trade. And trading profitably is about having more and more edges in your favor.

These related Industries in India changed score in unison.

Doesn't it say that it is a bad time to make new investment in these Industries?

And if you had an investment here, is it not time to relook at them and probably look for exit?

India Industries Score Change Over 12 Mon 2017-12-21_11-15-56.jpg 

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