There may be a stock to manage in the Managed Healthcare industry today.


1) I found the stock from CUE INSIGHT.

2) The industry is strong today and (3) the stock has earnings growth and (4) short squeeze potential.

5, 6, 7) It may give a low-risk technical buy point based on Memory trendline support in daily and Watermark support in weekly.

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1) Yesterday I took a long position in $HQY using the Fine Tune 5-min chart for a precision entry.

At the time of entry, I was aware of the Memory resistance line just above the price.

2) If today's price is not able to break above the Memory resistance, then a CUE trader may review the fact that it is inside a Triangle and decide to exit the trade with a small profit. The next and proper buying opportunity using the daily timeframe for swing trading will come once and if the stock can break out of the triangle pattern.

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$HQY trade entered on 22nd Apr has covered more than the risk distance today and one might book profit, at least partial profit. Or, one could apply trailing stop to make sure profit does not erode.

1) HQY has broken out of the Memory resistance.

2) I could buy the stock right at the low on 22nd Apr when I shared it on the forum, before knowing the result, as usual.

3) You could also buy it based on CUE Memory support and using real-time 360 analysis. You could enter the trade precisely using the real-time FIne Tune chart on 22nd Apr.

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