There are the eleven bullish signals in this Energy stock.

$IOC in the Indian market.

All snapshots are taken after the market close of Friday 13th Sep 2019.

1) Its industry, Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing, is gaining strength.

2) The stock is undervalued and (3) It is steadily going up over the last several days.

4) The weekly is supported by Memory auto-smart-trend line. 

5) Weekly Backdrop color turned bullish (cyan) for the first time since June 2019.

6) Bullish Headwind reversal signal caught the very low in the daily chart on 23rd Aug.

7) IOC broke above Daily Memory Resistance.

8) Its daily Flow candle color turned bullish (cyan), giving a Go With Flow trend following long trade setup as of Friday 13th Sep 2019.

9) In addition to meeting the checklist conditions for a GWF setup, IOC has several additional bullish indications. One is that it went up with bullish Extreme Pressure on Friday.

10) It also created a Reversal candle on Friday and (11) displayed Squeeze Release. Stocks out of a squeeze may lead to a profitable move.

ioc 1 2019-09-15_3-55-22.jpg  ioc 2 2019-09-15_3-52-46.jpg  ioc 3 2019-09-15_3-51-50.jpg 
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Note: I found the stock IOC using the CUE Sonar search program that looks for trend following Go With Flow bullish trade setups. And then lookup its fundamental / peer scorecard as well as industry scorecard. 

You could also carry out a top-down analysis, starting from the sectors. Drilling down into industries and then looking at the stocks' fundamental and technical analysis.

Either of these bottom-up or top-down analysis could be carried out in a matter of minutes, not hours or days..
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