The Semiconductor industry is decelerating today and you can see in real-time.


1) Though Intel apparently led QQQ to an all-time high, the Semiconductor industry itself decelerated.

2) SWKS is down by more than 4% as of ~10:50 AM EST (it had earnings).

3) Most stocks in its peer group are also down.

4) Medium valuation.

5) Negative quarterly and (6) annual earning growth.

7) Negative quarterly and (8) annual revenue growth.

9) The weekly is making a bearish shape candle at the all-time high.

10) Daily creating a false upside breakout and the Flow candle color turned bearish (magenta).

Time to at minimum book profit or put a stop loss on any long position you may have.

s 1 2020-01-24_10-48-40.jpg  s 2 2020-01-24_10-48-11.jpg  s 3 2020-01-24_10-46-43.jpg 
Another accurate stock ($SWKS) move prediction.

1) On Friday I suggested caution on SWKS - and did that in the morning session (~10:50 AM EST). 

2) Today, on Monday, it opened with a gap down. 

3) The Semiconductor industry has turned weaker. You can see how the scorecard/heatmap changed between my Friday's post and today's post (~10:35 AM EST). Today it is among the ten worst performing industries.

s 1 2020-01-27_10-32-13.jpg    

s 2 2020-01-27_10-37-17.jpg 

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