The Homebuilding industry is weak, and you may keep an eye on this stock.

1) DHI's Industry is one of the weakest today.

2) DHI is down today as of 3:30 PM EST.

3) Most of the peer stocks are also down.

4) Average valuation and (5) earnings growth is positive - so fundamentally, it is not weak. That probably lead the stock to its recent up move.

6) Bearish headwind one week ago, and this week, color/shape is bearish.

7) Daily is bearish color though there is a Memory trendline support. If that support is broken, it may give a shorting opportunity.
I could book some profit when others are probably just starting to notice the weakness in $DHI. Well ahead of many other traders to identify the stock's weakness and short it, once again.

1) I shared the shorting idea on $DHI on 11th Dec.

2) The Headwind worked once again, alerting of a possible impending drop.

3) Today, 18th Dec, as of ~12:25 PM EST, DHI has broken below the Memory support line.

If you shorted it when I shared the idea, the trade might have covered risk distance. If you are following my technique, you would probably book some profit here.
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