Sagar Nandi
The case for shorting real estate ETF.

IYR. Possible breakout short.

Weekly and daily charts are breaking below Memory supports. Both have turned magenta (bearish) as of 11:40 AM EST. Weekly had displayed bearish Headwind four weeks ago and since then the price is slowly moving down.

Real Estate industries are weak in heat-map.

iyr chart 2018-09-18_11-42-54.jpg  iyr edge 2018-09-18_11-42-28.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
IYR potential short shared yesterday is down significantly today. Yesterday the ETF closed right at the Memory support. CUE traders would take the short today using Fine Tune real-time chart (marked as point 1 on the attached chart).

iyr entry 2018-09-19_13-53-11.jpg 

Sagar Nandi
It may be time to book profit and close the trade today as the Bull Release signal has come at support (white Direction line). Entry suggestion was at point 1. Closed today at point 2.

The disciplined closing of a trade.

IYR PnL 2018-09-28_12-58-12.jpg 

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