Sagar Nandi
All the fifteen Homebuilders in CUE Scorecard are up today. KBH is up by 2.2% as of 11:11 AM EST.

CUE vital statistics show that KBH has optimal valuation and very lovely earnings growth.

The industry was weak. However, CUE Pace shows that it is starting to accelerate.

On CUE charts, you can find the possible reversal signal. It may give a reversal trade set up by the end of the day. Provided the nearby auto-smart-resistance Memory trendline is broken. 

If that happens, does it look like a possible buy opportunity?

kbh vital 2018-08-14_11-18-32.jpg 

kbh industry 2018-08-14_11-17-23.jpg 
kbh charts 2018-08-14_11-20-28.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
KBH ended the day with magenta (bearish) candle and it could not break above the resistance Memory. Therefore, the swing trade opportunity was not confirmed.

CUE traders would stay away from taking long in KBH with discipline.

kbh 12018-08-15_0-44-10.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
For those following up on KBH, it eventually gave a Headwind Long setup on 16th Aug (headwind signal circled). And today, 21st Aug it is approaching initial profit target (Memory trendline resistance, the white line drawn along it).

I had shared the Headwind Long setup day in a separate traders chat. And CUE traders could identify it using the unambiguous checklist.

kbh target 2018-08-21_10-06-34.jpg 

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