Thanks, Mike for a 40% profit in one day using options vertical.


Credit for identifying the stock goes to Mike who shared this stock in that YouTube session (A). That was during the weekend.

The stock was $EFX (B).

An excellent pick - as I commented in that session.

See the real-time chart of $EFX as of today using CUE At A Glance charts. The stock has nicely dropped since Mike mentioned it in the session (1, 2, 3).

I had mentioned that I might prefer to trade it with options vertical.

On Monday, I had taken the vertical trade. That position has more than 40% profit by 11:50 AM EST on Tuesday (4).

I could catch the very top of stock and short it there, once again. 

Thanks, Mike.

6 0 Technical.jpg  6 1 Technical.jpg 

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