Six reasons to avoid a long position in $DOCU and instead look for a short trade.

1) DocuSign's industry is weak.

2) It is overvalued.

3) With reducing earnings growth in the last quarter.

4) The daily chart displayed the bearish Headwind possible reversal signal on 11th Oct and since then it is rolling over.

5) Today, as of 10:40 AM EST, the daily Flow candle color turned magenta (bearish).

6) At the same time, it came back below two Watermark pivot resistance levels, creating a false upside breakout.

docu 1 2019-10-18_10-43-41.jpg  docu 2 2019-10-18_10-42-56.jpg  docu 3 2019-10-18_10-40-23.jpg 
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