After looking through CUE Edge, Vital and Finder the stock I will look for on Monday (5/11) will be SIG

A. SIG is in Consumer Discretionary and its Industry is Specialty stores - very bullish

B. The CUE Finder summary is bullish

Ca. Within CUE Edge Insight SIG is undervalued

Cb. SIG also is on the top of CUE Finder for largest % gain

D. CUE Vital shows SIG to be undervalued with good earnings quality and a potential short squeeze

E. SIG's weekly candle is bullish
SIG A.jpg
F. SIG is showing a very bullish daily candle with high volume on Friday

SIG A Industry.jpg    SIG B.jpg  SIG Ca.jpg  SIG Cb.jpg  SIG D.jpg  SIG E F.jpg 
One thing every CUE trader might have observed. Or it might have missed the inner senses of beginning CUE traders.

When an undervalued (as per CUE Vital) stock starts to go up from a low price level, it will keep coming in different CUE systems.

It will come in CUE INSIGHT.

It will come in CUE Finder.

It will come in CUE top-down analysis using CUE Edge.

That will show you that the stock is starting its up move/continuing it.

That happened with $SIG too. Here is the result of CUE Finder from 27th Apr 2020. SIG came up as a buy candidate.

1) It was at Extreme Low price level.
2) Had a gap up move.
3) Gave a GWF long setup.
4) Went up by 8.15%.

7.0 Finder.jpg 

If you, being a disciplined CUE trader looking at Finder, bought the stock at that time, you are already up by 30%. While others are starting to notice the stock, you could book a partial profit or put stop so that your profit is protected.

4 0 technical.jpg 
As it is coming in CUE Finder again, that shows its strenght is continuing, as Rick found out on 10th May.

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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